NZATD Provider Directory

Save yourself time and money looking for providers!

The NZATD Provider Directory was developed by the NZATD in association with the NZATD Education Trust.  Fifty percent of the income from the NZATD Provider Directory goes to the NZATD Education Trust.  The NZATD Provider Directory is designed to help organisations to locate:

  • training / education providers
  • training & development / organisation development / education consultants
  • equipment / resource providers

The Provider Directory is for informational purposes only and does not imply endorsement of any products or services by NZATD.  Click here to search for a Provider.  See below for more details for more details on how the system works.

To find a Provider:

Search for a Provider using any or all the following criteria:

  • Name (consultant or company)
  • Geographic Region
  • Categories (areas of expertise)

The result will be a screen showing all the Providers that match the criteria with a short description of each.  Select a Provider to find out more. Each Provider page has an in depth description of services, contact details and links to e-mail and a website if applicable.

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To list as a Provider:

There is a charge for listing.  NZATD and the NZATD Education Trust want to ensure they can continue to maintain and upgrade this Directory.  See Terms and Conditions for full information on the subscription packages.

Please contact to register.

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