Request for Showcase Presenters

Want to share your learnings?  This is your chance!

Date: Thursday 17 July 2014 Time: 1730 to 1900 Location: KF8, Kirkwood Village, UC

We are constantly learning and we are hard-wired for stories.

Stories resonate with us, as we can relate to them, remember them and learn from them.  This session is an opportunity to share our ‘Learning Stories’.  You might select stories from events that are confirmations of things we already know, or those that have given us surprising new insights.  As parents, for example, we want our children to learn from our experiences.  At work, we may seek mastery in a subject area. It might even be how to instruct others. For this evening, we are seeking contributions from people who have a learning story to tell.  We want our NZATD audience to go away with some learning points which will benefit them in their work, and would like our presenters to consider focusing on the following:

  • What context or story did this learning take place in?
  • What useful tips/tricks/insights does your “story” illustrate?
  • Have you used it to benefit others and if so, what improvements did it bring? Format for the event:
  • Each presenter has 6 minutes to present their story and learnings
  • You can use a range of presentation mediums
  • Followed by 6 minutes Q&A time for the audience

Time will be strictly observed so presenters will need to be clear and concise during both parts of their time.  The audience will be reminded of the timing restrictions to ensure they are clear and concise in their questions.  There will be five presenters.  Three slots are available so please reply promptly to with your offer to ensure you do not miss out.