NZATD, in association with NZATD Education Trust, introduced this award to recognise excellence in the design and implementation of eLearning initiatives within organisations. The key focus of the award is to find examples of best practice, where the eLearning programme is aptly suited to the environment in which is delivered and is an integral part of meeting organisational outcomes.

The winning entry may come from individuals or teams, and will need to be:

  • An eLearning project or programme designed to address a specific organisational need that achieved the desired outcome during the two years immediately prior to the submission date for entry
  • An eLearning programme implemented for the first time during the two years immediately prior to the submission date for entry, which is contributing towards the organisation’s desired outcomes and is intended to be continued as part of “business as usual” in the future
  • A specific eLearning intervention that significantly raised the profile of learning and developing in the organisation and had a notable impact on individual and/or organisational performance and processes.


Entries should have been implemented within New Zealand or, if implemented overseas, must have been implemented by a New Zealand resident company or New Zealand division of an international company. Membership of NZATD is not required to place an entry in the awards.


All entries will need to meet a set of baseline criteria before they can be considered for ranking against other entries.  Baseline criteria refer to those criteria that all entries must meet before they can be considered as finalists in any category.  Once adherence to base line criteria is confirmed, these criteria will not be used to differentiate between submissions. All entries meeting baseline criteria will then be assessed according to a predefined set of evaluation criteria to enable differentiation between all eligible entries by a panel of judges.  For more detail about the specific evaluation criteria in this category please see the 2014 eLearning Award Grading Sheet provided.


If you would like to speak to someone about an innovation you have worked on to see if it may be suitable for entry, or need any further information about the awards, please contact our Executive Officer at with the words NZATD Awards in the subject line.  Ensure you include a contact phone number and someone from NZATD will call you.

Download your NZATD Education Trust Learning and Development Awards Application Form here!