NZATD L&D Awards


NZATD, in association with NZATD Education Trust, introduced the Emerging L&D Practitioner award to recognise individuals who are in the early stages of their L&D career.  Rather than focus on specific skills, e.g. facilitation, it seeks to acknowledge that individuals may exhibit excellence within the profession through a range of expertise that may span a range of different learning disciplines, for example (but not limited to) needs analysis, instructional design, assessment and evaluation, eLearning, facilitation; managing the learning and development function, etc.


There is no age limit, but it is a requirement that the Emerging L&D Practitioner would have entered the L&D profession within the last 5 years and that during that time would have quickly:

  • demonstrated their competence as a practitioner in the L&D space
  • established a track record of quality delivery of programmes. Initiatives and/or L&D technologies
  • achieved recognition as an L&D professional within their own organisation or client base.


Entrants should be NZ based, or if based overseas, they must be a NZ citizen or permanent resident.


L&D Emerging Practitioner of the Year

Preparing to Enter – What You Should Know


IMPORTANT – read this paragraph before you apply using our online form.

Please be aware that the online entry form cannot be saved.  You will need to complete it in one sitting.  We suggest you open the entry form to identify the specific questions you will be asked and then use a Word document to draft your answers.  Once you are happy with your entry, you can copy and paste your answers into the online form.  You will also need to have any forms you wish to upload ready, as these must be attached at the same time you submit your entry.


Apply online here.