L&D Innovation of the Year 2102 Winner – Vodafone NZ

L&D Innovation Winner - Vodafone NZThis entry impressed the judging panel for its innovative approach – the ingenious use of existing materials and learning components to create a uniquely different retail management programme.  Its creative and original blended learning solution mixed a range of learning components to provide a fun, engaging, and challenging program experience for participants.  In particular they noted its use of ‘apprentice style’ game challenges, social, including twitter and smartphone feeds. They also noted the rigour of the  needs analysis, up-front involvement  and commitment, including cash investment, from business units; high quality and comprehensive solutions documentation; and linkage to NZQA First Line Management qualification.

L&D Innovation of the Year 2012 Merit – Auckland Council and Sysdoc Group

L&D Innovation Merit - Auckland Council & Sysdoc GroupThis entry provided an excellent overview of the organisation’s Customer Service Welcome Programme The judges were particularly appreciative that they were able to view the demo which showed that the ‘Take a Tour’ user-experience is excellent and well designed for the variety of platforms within the organisation. It was an engaging approach and enjoyable, being novel enough for both new and existing staff. The judges noted its good design fit with the broader induction programme and how well it was supported with links to additional reference materials.  They also thought that the documentation for the Storyboarding and UAT were of a very high standard and extremely comprehensive.





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2012 Training Awards

Learning and Development Innovation

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NZATD, in association with NZATD Education Trust, introduced the Learning and Development Innovation award to recognise excellence in the design and implementation Learning and Development programmes within organisations.  Rather than focus on a particular skill, area or methodology, it seeks to acknowledge that individuals may exhibit excellence within the profession through a range of expertise that may span a range of different learning disciplines.

Because of the nature of innovation, it is difficult to be prescriptive about what is being sought.  However, at least one of the following may apply:

  • The introduction of an entirely new paradigm to the learning and development field
  • The significant evolution of an existing methodology/resource/approach related to learning and development
  • The application/adaptation of a methodology/resource/approach usually associated with one context, to an entirely new context
  • Some other indication that demonstrates novelty, uniqueness and / or creativity. .

Entries should have been implemented within New Zealand or, if implemented overseas, must have been implemented by a New Zealand resident company or New Zealand division of an international company. Membership of NZATD is not required to place an entry in the awards.