On-The-Job Support Trainer of the Year 2012 Winner – Paul White from Ports of Auckland

On the Job Support Winner - Paul Whie from Ports of AucklandThe judges noted that this person is a hands-on practitioner who has ‘been there and done that’ within his industry.  This makes him a highly effective on-the-job trainer and coach.  In particular they noted that he seems to be particularly effective in coaching people with performance difficulties, remaining calm and non-judgemental.  The judges acknowledged this person has developed standards of performance and training materials to support people who are often struggling with language and/or literacy issues.  He insists on people getting it right and works through the processes in a structured and methodical manner with patience and understanding but no compromise on standards.  This may take longer than the organisation might like at times, but the learning is effective; resulting in higher measured performance scores over time, improving productivity.  In addition, this person has become an informal leader of the on-the–job trainers in his company, encouraging the entire team to become fully accredited instructors in their specialist field.

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Learning and Development On The Job Support

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NZATD, in association with NZATD Education Trust, introduced the Learning and Development On The Job Support award to raise the profile, recognise and reward the pool of people in the workplace that are involved in both informal and formal workplace learning and assessment.  These people may be in roles such as on-the job coaches, on-the job trainers, or line management roles where training and/or coaching staff is a key responsibility.  These people play a critical role in the upskilling of the New Zealand workforce with a subsequent increase in productivity for their organisation and collectively the productivity of New Zealand.  It is envisaged that the workplaces could include any industrial, commercial, private, public or not-for profit organisation.

Those eligible for this award will not necessarily be fulltime training professionals.  We are also seeking out those people who have operational or managerial roles but nevertheless spend a significant part of their time actively supporting others in their learning and/or creating valuable learning environments to foster on-the job training.