NZATD Fellowship

What it means:

NZATD Fellowship may be granted to a person who has demonstrated a professional commitment to the field of adult education and training and continued to contribute expertise and skill to the profession.  Your name will appear on the NZATD website as a Fellow and anyone viewing the site will be able to see that you have met the requirements of the association’s most elevated status.

You will be awarded a framed certificate and this certificate will remain yours as long as you are a member of the association.

You will be able use the ‘FNZATD’ post nominal with your signature.

To apply:

In order to apply for the status of Fellow you must complete a Fellow Application and meet a set of requirements which are briefly summarised below.

You need to have:
  • Six years continuous and current employment in the training and development field
  • Three years continuous membership of NZATD
  • Three years as Professional Member of NZATD
  • Completion of 60 hours of CPD in the past 36 months, which may include proof of attendance at NZATD or similar L&D events
  • Two years served on an NZATD branch or national executive committee
  • Completed two of the following within the last three years:
    • Published at least one article for NZATD’s People and Performance magazine
    • Delivered a session at an NZATD branch meeting or NZATD conference
    • Provided mentoring through the NZATD mentoring programme
  • National Diploma in Adult Education and Training (Level 6) and/or equivalent or higher qualification in L&D
  • Signed commitment to the NZATD Code of Professional Practice
  • Two written references from clients/colleagues
  • Only members who meet the above criteria and have been awarded the certificate of fellow membership may use the post nominal of FNZATD
  • Must be a current member of NZATD; lapsed members must reapply for professional membership on rejoining NZATD

Click here to download the NZATD Fellowship Application form or you can contact the NZATD office to get a copy sent to you using this link

To maintain your status:

To maintain your Fellow membership you must be a current member of NZATD and continue to abide by the rules of the Code of Professional Practice; lapsed members must reapply for professional membership on rejoining NZATD.

Cancellation of Professional Membership Status:

Your status of Fellow may be revoked  if NZATD receives a formal complaint against you that contravenes the NZATD Code of Professional Practice and investigation by NZATD finds the complaint to be true.  You would be contacted on receipt of any complaint and involved in the investigation.  In extreme cases you may lose the privilege of the status of Fellow.