NZATD Magazine

Training & DevelopmentIn 2012 NZATD joined forces with the Australian Institute of Training and Development (AITD) to make AITD’s Training & Development a joint trans-Tasman publication. Training & Development has now replaced People and Performance as the official NZATD magazine. 


Published bi-monthly, the magazine is distributed to subscribers and members of NZATD and AITD. It is a leading source of current information, ideas, and news about training, learning and development, and organisational development. It provides stories on practitioners’ experiences and projects, and informs readers about current issues affecting learning and performance in the workplace.


Our readers are professionals working in training and learning and development. They range from new practitioners to executives with extensive experience acrross varous industries. Readers include trainers, educators, consultants, coaches, course coordinators, mentors, instructors, academics, teachers, facilitators, designers, and assessors.


Themes for 2016 include Working Out Loud (February), Self-Development (April), eLearning (June), Talent Development (August), The Learner’s Brain (October), and Strategic L&D (December).


Learning and development professionals are invited to submit: feature articles, case studies, reviews, my favourite resources, milestones, and NZATD/AITD member profiles for publication. No fee is payable for articles publishes. Authors should not use articles to sell products or services.  Forward articles for consideration to

People and Performance (1993 – 2011)


People and Performance was the official NZATD Journal from 1993 until the end of 2011.    NZATD would like to acknowledge the following people and companies who were involved in its production:

  • Editor from 1993 until 1997 – Ken Seccombe of CCL
  • Editor from 1997 until December 2011 – Ross Miller of Kotuku Media Ltd
  • Proof Reader – journalist Elizabeth Beattie
  • Printer – Spectro Print
  • Managing Editor from 2004 – Beryl Oldham