NZATD, in association with NZATD Education Trust, introduced the Learning and Development On The Job Support award to raise the profile, recognise and reward the pool of people in the workplace that are involved in both informal and formal workplace learning and assessment.  These people may be in roles such as on-the job coaches, on-the job trainers, or line management roles where training and/or coaching staff is a key responsibility.  These people play a critical role in the upskilling of the New Zealand workforce with a subsequent increase in productivity for their organisation and collectively the productivity of New Zealand.  It is envisaged that the workplaces could include any industrial, commercial, private, public or not-for profit organisation.

Those eligible for this award will not necessarily be full time training professionals.  We are also seeking out those people who have operational or managerial roles but nevertheless spend a significant part of their time actively supporting others in their learning and/or creating valuable learning environments to foster on-the job training.


Entrants should be working in New Zealand or, be a New Zealander citizen or permanent resident working overseas, for a  New Zealand company or New Zealand division of an international company. Membership of NZATD is not required to place an entry in the awards.


All entries will need to meet a set of baseline criteria before they can be considered for ranking against other entries.  Baseline criteria refer to those criteria that all entries must meet before they can be considered as finalists in any category.  Once adherence to base line criteria is confirmed, these criteria will not be used to differentiate between submissions. All entries meeting baseline criteria will then be assessed according to a predefined set of evaluation criteria to enable differentiation between all eligible entries by a panel of judges.  For more detail about the specific evaluation criteria in this category please see the 2014 Learning and Development On The Job Support Grading Sheet provided.


If you would like to speak to someone about an innovation you have worked on to see if it may be suitable for entry, or need any further information about the awards, please contact our Executive Officer at with the words NZATD Awards in the subject line.  Ensure you include a contact phone number and someone from NZATD will call you.

Download your NZATD Education Trust Learning and Development Awards Application Form here!