NZATD Professional Membership

What it means:

An NZATD Professional Member is a person who has demonstrated a professional commitment to the field of adult education and training.  Your name will appear on the NZATD website as an NZATD Professional Member and anyone viewing the site will be able to see that you have met the requirements of elevated status.

You will be awarded a framed certificate and every three years when you show you have met the ongoing requirements you will receive an updated NZATD Professional Membership certificate.

You will be able use the ‘MNZATD’ post nominal with your signature.

To apply:

In order to apply for the status of NZATD Professional Member you must complete an NZATD Professional Membership Application and meet a set of requirements which are briefly summarised below.


You need to have:

  • A minimum of three years of continuous and current employment in the training and development field
  • National Certificate in Adult Education and Training (Level 4) and/or equivalent or higher qualification in L&D
    Note: members are encouraged to seek formal recognition for their current competence in adult education and training through an approved training provider if they do not have formal qualifications in the field
  • Endorsements from two employers and two trainees if you are an employee.  Self employed people must have endorsements from two clients and two senior L & D professionals.
  • Completion of 20 hours of continuing professional development in the past 12 months including at least four NZATD related events.
  • Commitment to the NZATD Code of Professional Practice
 Download the following or apply online:

OR you can apply online from the Members’ Area.  If you require assistance, please contact  NZATD at

To maintain your status:

To maintain your NZATD Professional Membership status you will be required to complete and submit a log of your continuing professional development every three years.  You must complete at least 60 hours of continuing professional development every three years.  As experienced learning and development professionals we recognise the critical importance of ongoing professional development and know it can take many different forms including:

  • Attendance at NZATD or other training and development events
  • Attendance at relevant conferences and seminars
  • Attendance at training sessions
  • Completion of ongoing education

You will be required to download the form from this site and keep it on your computer.  You are encouraged to file the form and update it regularly throughout the three year period.  This will save you from having to recall all your professional development activities just before submission.

The form is in Microsoft:Excel and must be completed in the format provided and emailed back to NZATD in the time frame advised.  With the form you will also have to scan and email evidence to verify the professional development you have completed.

Once your continuing professional development information is reviewed you will be sent a new NZATD Professional Membership certificate and an updated  electronic “Professional Member” logo to use on your emails and letterhead.

If you do not submit your Continuing Professional Development form within the 6 week period your NZATD professional membership status will no longer be in effect.

View a copy of the Professional Development CPD Log here.

Cancellation of NZATD Professional Membership Status:

Your NZATD Professional Membership status will not be reinstated if you have not submitted the Continuing Professional Development log in the specified timeframe.  If you have simply forgotten the deadline you may have it reinstated by submitting the log within one calendar year.

If you have not submitted your log within one year of your due date you will have to reapply for the status of Professional Member.

To retain your professional membership you must be a current member of NZATD and continue to abide by the rules of the Code of Professional Practice; lapsed members must reapply for NZATD professional membership on rejoining NZATD.

On rare occasions, if NZATD receives a formal complaint against you that contravenes the NZATD Code of Professional Practice you will be contacted and the incident investigated.  In extreme cases you may lose the privilege of NZATD Professional Membership status.