NZATD Provider Directory – Terms and Conditions

Terms as at September 2006

To ensure that NZATD can continue to maintain and upgrade the Directory there is a charge for Providers to list.  A range of packages has been developed to meet different needs.  Payment of the subscription includes:

  • One year listing with the ability to update / modify the listing at any time
  • Statistics on usage
  • Regular advertising to encourage businesses to use the Directory
  • The opportunity to contribute towards further development of the Directory

The packages are based on the number of categories (specialties of work) which are selected from 38 options; the number of individual consultants you name and whether you can add a logo to your Provider page.

Providers register and pay on line. When registration is complete a password is e-mailed to the person for updating and monitoring usage.  When payment is complete an invoice is issued and the listing published to the web once approved.

The cost for each package (inclusive of GST):

Provider Listing Price Options





Please note: A one-off set-up fee of $45.00 is payable by non-members of NZATD.

Please contact to register.


  1. A listing in Provider Directory is for informational purposes only and does not imply endorsement of any products or services by NZATD.
  2. Payment is made through Direct Payment Solutions Limited (DPS).  DPS provides NZATD with a fully certified, compliant secure server and is responsible for the security of payments.  DPS will confirm all payments made.
  3. A listing in the Provider Directory will not be published to the web until it has been checked by NZATD.  This will occur within 3 working days of payment of the subscription.  During this checking NZATD reserves the right to make simple corrections to the details e.g. spelling.  Significant corrections will be referred back to the Provider.
  4. NZATD reserves the right to not accept a listing.  Full payment will be reimbursed. A Provider can appeal the lack of acceptance to the NZATD National Executive.
  5. NZATD reserves the right to remove a listing at any time.  Reimbursement of payment will be proportional and based on the number of months remaining on the subscription.   A Provider can appeal removal to the NZATD National Executive.
  6. Providers can request their listing to be removed at any time.  There will be no reimbursement of payment unless this request is received within 21 days of the listing being first published.  In this case reimbursement will be the full subscription fee less any set up costs.
  7. Providers can upgrade their listing but will not be reimbursed for any time remaining on the subscription.  The Provider will be charged the full price of the higher option for the upcoming twelve months.
  8. Providers are responsible to supply listing content and logo in the format requested by NZATD.  Any costs incurred providing this content is the sole responsibility of Providers.
  9. NZATD will send Providers a password to access their listing for the purposes of updating and accessing statistics.
  10. Providers are responsible to ensure that the information in their listing is accurate and up to date.
  11. NZATD reserves the right to update the Directory at any time and to change the content and layout of screens.
  12. NZATD shall not be liable for ‘outages’ due to activities of the Internet Service Provider.
  13. NZATD and the Internet Service Provider will take all reasonable precautions to ensure the Provider Directory listings are protected.
  14. NZATD takes no responsibility for malicious software communicated to Providers via their email or website address as listed in the Directory. Security against malicious software is the responsibility of Providers.
  15. NZATD will not sell, trade or rent the database of Providers to any third-party.

Please contact to register.