Welcome to the NZATD website!

 About NZATD

The New Zealand Association for Training and Development (NZATD) is the independent organisation for learning and development professionals in Aotearoa / New Zealand.  NZATD believes in supporting professional development through shared knowledge.

NZATD is New Zealand’s professional association for workplace learning and performance, training, learning and development, and adult education specialists.

NZATD monitors relevant issues to members and where necessary represents their interests to ensure that the needs of training and development are understood and addressed.

NZATD encourages high standards of performance in all aspects of learning and development and organisational development amongst members and the community through sharing information and best practices.

What NZATD offers…

With three main branches in Auckland, Wellington and Canterbury and a membership nation-wide and offshore, NZATD is your community for learning and development best practice.

NZATD members join NZATD for a wide variety of reasons and enjoy access to:

  • Regular learning and development events
  • Special professional and personal development events
  • National conference
  • Affiliated organisation events at preferential rates
  • Local, national, and international networking
  • Training & Development magazine in collaboration with the Australian Institute of Training and Development (AITD)
  • Branch newsletters
  • Targeted industry advertising
  • Member discounts
  • Informative website
  • Professional membership programme
  • Formal recognition of skills and experience through professional conversation
  • Mentoring programme.
  • Technical information and expertise
  • Informal advice and support
  • Professional liability and indemnity cover at preferential rates
  • Provider directory listing

NZATD’s Three Pillars – Visibility, Value and Viability

The key to NZATD’s strategy going forward is a focus on our three pillars of Visibility, Value and Viability:

  1. VISIBILITY- ensuring our members know what we are achieving; prospective members know we are here; employers know where to come; the wider community are eager to hear our voice and listen to what we say.
  2. VALUE - ensuring our members appreciate their membership; employers recognise the added value that employing a member will bring; being recognised by the wide community for the value that comes from the strength and experience of a united Association of learning professionals.
  3. VIABILITY – ensuring longer term sustainability for our Association through prudent governance and management; building a reputation of integrity and professionalism that endures beyond any individual; leaving a strong legacy for those who will come after us.