NZATD Mentoring Programme

The NZATD Mentoring Programme is available to support members in all areas of training and human resource development.  Mentors and mentorees are matched on personality, industry and expertise.  Together they identify strategies and opportunities for growth.

Mentorees largely manage the process and liaise with the Mentor to establish how they work together, the requirements and what is to be achieved.  NZATD can provide tools to assist planning and faclitating meetings.

The mentor is required to provide NZATD with an update from time to time on the progress of the mentoring relationship.

The duration is up to both parties to agree.  However, the mentoree would typically become self sufficient within three months to a year.

If you would like a mentor:

If you are available to be a mentor:

Any further questions about the Mentor Programme please contact the NZATD Mentoring Programme Coordinator or NZATD National Office.